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Compton Courthouse

The Huntington Park Police Department arrests people every day for different reason, but they do not keep all of those files in the station.


Whenever someone is booked for certain charges, the police department will send all of that information to the Compton Superior Courthouse. There is a courthouse in Huntington Park; however, it is not equipped to handle criminal cases. You go to the Huntington Park Superior court to pay traffic tickets or for minor civil cases.


The Huntington Park relies on the Compton Courthouse to make sure that all of the criminals that are arrested in this city are prosecuted fairly. The Compton Courthouse is located at 200 West Compton Blvd. Compton, CA 90220. This is centered in the heart of the city of Compton and is right next to their high school. This facility does not just handle criminal cases from the city of Huntington Park, but they also handle criminal cases from all of the surrounding cities.


The Compton Courthouse also provides other services such as for civil cases, family law cases, juvenile cases, and traffic cases. If you find yourself needing help with any of these types of cases and you live close to the city of Compton, then you could come to this courthouse to have it handled.


When you visit the Compton courthouse, you will notice that you will be searched as you walk in the courthouse. This is not meant to harass everyone that is coming into the courthouse, but it is to make sure that everyone in the courthouse is as safe as possible. It is impossible to make sure that everyone is safe without searching them at the door.


There is a lot of traffic going in and out of the courthouse throughout the day and this is the way that they have kept everyone safe for all of these years. If you are an inmate going to court here, then you will be transferred here from the county jail and will be supervised by an officer at all times until your case is done for the day and then you will be transferred back to county jail.


There are police officers stationed at this courthouse to make sure that everyone is only doing business inside of the courthouse. Some of them may look different than other officers on duty, but they had the same amount and kind of training as every officer on the force. So you will be able to go inside of the courthouse and know that you are as safe as possible.

compton superior court
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