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The city of Huntington Park is a city that is located in the city of Los Angeles County with about 60,000 people residing in the beautiful neighborhoods of the city. Some of the cities surrounding Huntington Park are Bell Gardens, South Gate, Downey, Los Angeles, Inglewood, Montebello, and Compton. With all of these cities surrounding Huntington Park, it is not hard to find something to do while in the area.


The atmosphere of the city is laid back, but everyone in this city works hard for what they have. You will meet some of the nicest people in the world in this city. Everyone works hard to remain a community and help the police keep the city as safe as possible.


The Huntington Park Police Department is full of men and women that are dedicated to the safety of the city. All of the men and women in the department go through extensive training in order to be in charge of the safety of the community.


They constantly patrol the streets of the city in order to make their presence known and it also helps with finding anybody that is in need of help but can’t get to a phone. So the residents of this fine city go to sleep every night confident that they will be safe.


city of huntington park ca
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