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Another Robbery in Huntington Park

This past month has been a busy month for the police in the city of Huntington Park, California thanks to all of the break-ins that have been occurring throughout the city. Police have not determined why there has been an increase in the amount of thefts lately, but they are on high alert and have increased the amount of police patrolling the city at night. The thefts have been happening at local businesses after they have already closed. Business owners are not sure what they are doing different that has attracted these theft, but they have increased their security as well. None of the businesses that were robbed had any type of surveillance equipment and the police believe that is the reason that these businesses have been targeted for theft. Police are asking the public for help with determining who the suspects are and whether it is one person or a group of people that have been terrorizing the city of Huntington Park. If you have any information regarding this case then please contact the Huntington Park police as soon as possible so that they could get these criminals off of the streets.


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